So, I work for a firm that does WordPress in San Antonio. We’ve got a very good reputation for being a firm that can do WordPress better than just about anyone in town. I’m the social media guy. I do marketing and have only a basic understanding of websites design and construction compared to the people I work with. So, I’m attending the WP Code Academy at WebTegrity. Eight weeks, twice a week, and I should have a really strong understanding of WordPress.

So, why do you really need a really strong understanding of WordPress. It’s easy to use, open source, etc so why do you need to learn it in depth? Well, duh, it’s so I can better do WordPress sites as a professional web designer. Plus, I really enjoy learning.

The real problem with WordPress is there isn’t a really good place to learn WordPress unless you really seriously love online learning. I’ve tried doing online classes, watched a ton of videos on YouTube, etc. I have learned a LOT from them, however, I never really got a big confidence boost from them. I know from having been a classroom teacher that everyone has different learning styles. For me, being in a room with people and getting to do my learning in person, hands on, and being able to ask questions (and occasionally screw around with my bad humor), I learn so much more.

Wp Code Academy

So, being in this environment with about a dozen other adults is really conducive for me learning. I’m excited to be doing this class since I’ve got such a really awesome group of cohort mates. Being test monkeys for the classes that WebTegrity is going to be teaching is actually kinda cool.

Eventually, WebTegrity is going to offer two day crash courses that will give people enough knowledge to modify a theme and have a functioning website for their organization or businesses nationwide. That’ll be cool. We discussed

We covered a LOT of information tonight. Started with domains & subdomains. How to create them and how to install WordPress on them. Themes and how/where to find them. Also, we learned all about basic features of WordPress and what all the features of the dashboard are. Plus, common foibles that you face with plugins and widgets.

I’m looking forward to the class. Should be cool.