My Services

If you have a Vision We will work together to turn it into reality

Good Things To Possess

experience has taught me that a client that has certain Things Make projects more successful


A sense of humor is a very handy thing to have. While I do take my business deadly serious, I do it with a rye sense of whit


An acceptance that I am the web deign professional and I am the project manager


Being available throughout the project timeline to answer my questions


A desire to be better than anyone else in your niche

Sense of Urgency

You are ready to build a site and you want it now, not some randomish time in the future


Mutual trust between a designer and his client is important to their relationship as it is to marriage.

A "Buddy" or a "Friend's Kid"

Your friend is a web designer and he/she thinks that….if you are already friends/family with a designer, then you should use them. “Design by committee” is the leading cause of death among projects.

Microsoft Office

My kid designed this logo in Word – can you do something with it? No, no I can’t. If you need a logo, I am very happy to refer you to someone I’ve used in the past to get reliable and affordable web and print ready graphics.

wasting pounds saving pence

There is a reason you are hiring a professional web designer and not relying on a truly do-it-yourself job from Wix or letting your buddy from the bar that has a kid that did a cool design do it. Saving a buck here and there is nice short term but you do get what you pay for.

Pay For Services

You don’t work for free and give away your professional serivces, so please don’t ask me. I’m perfectly fine with the level of exposure I have.

Good Things To NOT Possess

Many handfuls of Tylenol have taught me some things are good to not have