I am passionate about veganism and compassion for animals. I’m a strong believer in the vegan community supporting vegan owned businesses that share a passion for compassion.  To that end, I want to put my money where my mouth is.

I’m making a special offer to vegan owned businesses and vegan / animal welfare organizations. If you are a vegan owned business and are active in the community, I offer significantly reduced rates.


I am an experienced and passionate WordPress designer and digital marketer from Texas. I not only love marketing, I also love animals, the environment, and living a healthy compassionate lifestyle.


Feel safe in the knowledge that all work on your project was done by someone who truly loves animals, as an ethical vegan It’s important to let my customers know that we share the same ideals, values and compassion for all.


From design to construction, your site is powered and built on nothing but fruits and veggies. Enjoy a clear conscious knowing that your project was made possible by a vegan just like you.

Plant Powered

From the initial consultation to the time we launch our project, it was built powered by plants. This offer does NOT apply to anyone selling animal goods. Commerce without conscience does nobody good.

In House

Unlike a large number of web designers and firms, I do all my work in-house. Your project will be handled by either me or a vegan partner. We will never ship your project off to some random overseas firm that won a lowest bid contest.


Any good relationship relies heavily on good communication. You can rest assured that I will stay open to communicating with you and I won’t “ghost” you since I’m an active member of the community.

Ethics are not necessarily to do with being law-abiding. I am very interested in the moral path, doing the right thing.

Kate Atkinson


Every great project has to have two team members. One which is passionate about web design, and one that is passionate about their business.

Scott A Croom

Scott A Croom

Creative Director

I take the 1’s and 0’s and turn them into a web page you’ll be proud of. I also make sure the InstantPot and air fryer is always loaded with treats.



Yes, you! You are the most important part of the team!

It’s your passion for your business or cause that is the driving force behind the project.

my Work

Please take a look at a piece of my portfolio to see what I can do for you. I look forward to talking with you and getting your exciting new project started!

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