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Top Social Media Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for managing your website. Literally 1/4 of all websites use WordPress as their CMS. What surprises me is just how many smart businesses and individuals alike totally ignore integrating Social media into their site.

Why Do You Need Social Media on your WordPress site?

Now Scott, you say “I’m worried about my website, why should I worry about the kids and their TweeterbookChat? All kidding about #socialmedia aside, Google has already said that they are going to be using “social signals” to help determine organic ranking. Next, your target demographic whether old/young white/black cat fanciers or even into miniature wargaming has a social site that they are spending time on.

Plain and simple, social media is a modern day form of word of mouth.

Question: do you think that anyone ever talks about your business? Do you think they talk about your business online? Do you know that someone is talking about your business online? Do you make it hard or easy for people to share the good word about your service?

Ignoring social media is a surefire way to make sure that you have a significantly harder job gaining traction in search engines and page views than you normally would

The Picks.


1. Yoast. Yoast is the world’s best SEO plug in but in doing proper SEO, Yoast forces you to get your metadescriptions correct. Meta descriptions are These <graphic> as well as the picture. <graphic> Do you want Facebook or Google+ to choose what image represents you or do you want to choose?


2. Accurax Social Media Widget  VERY highly customizable variety of floating icons that should match just about every social media theme out there. Very customizable to refer people over to social media landing pages if you are doing a campaign. Very highly rated.


3. Feed Them Social – A slick plugin that scrapes various social media feeds and puts them on a responsive page. It’s a great way to add stickiness to your website by allowing people to read your posts without having to leave your page.


4. Microblog Poster – Automatically publishes your blog posts to various social networks. I personally prefer using the insanely powerful and dynamic HootSuite Social Media software for managing the posts to my social media accounts but Microblog Poster is a quick and dirty way to shout out what you have going on at your blog. We’ll be doing some in depth discussions about HootSuite at a later time. Full disclosure, I am HootSuite certified and a HootSuite ambassador for North America.


5. ShareThis – An oldie but a goodie that is showing its teeth a bit. It gives you buttons on your site to not only make it easy to share but actually encourages visitors to share your webpages and blog posts on their social media circles.


The also mentions. There were 5 that we didn’t have time to mention during filming. In no particular order, here they are.

  • Social Media Feather – Another customizable set of social media icons that make sharing and liking/following your social media sites much easier. It allows your readers to not have to leave your site to share something interesting they saw on your site.
  • Twine– The opposite of what I just showed. It directly helps you engage your visitors by displaying social media content on your site. It gives you a page with infiniscroll and is responsive out of the box.
  • Social Login –  Makes it a TON easier for people to use their favorite social networks to log in and post on your WordPress site. While you don’t force people to sign up directly for your site, you do gain the advantage of having people more easily sign in using the netrwork of their choice which means they’re more likely to share the information.
  • ShareButtons by Add To Any – This is the kitchen sink approach to social media. Not the prettiest interface but it has over 100 social media sites that you can share from. So, if you are dealing with a multinational audience or people that flock to a really small social media platform, this is your top choice.
  • Super Socializer – A new kid on the block that I’ve not had enough opportunity to really put into production. It takes the kitchen sink approach to social media that provides 360 degree social media interaction. I may do a full feature article on this one once I have a chance to test it fully.

As I said in the video, I hope that you were able to get something from these suggestions. Given that the overwhelming majority of these are free