What is Social Media Marketing and Why Is It Important?

Social media marketing is a powerful tool to help you reach your customers but there is a good chance you are doing it wrong. Here are some of the top bits of advice we give clients to understanding social media.

First off, just what the heck is social media marketing. Word of mouth. There you go, it’s that simple. Well, not entirely that simple but that’s the idea.

It’s all about extending the relationship with consumers and making a more personal brand. So marketing BS aside, why should I do it? Easy, your competition is doing it and if someone talks about you, it’s better to have a word in that conversation.


It’s a no brainer that if you are really comfortable and have a good relationship with a company, you’re more likely to do business with them. Social media marketing is all about having a two way conversation.social_media_marketing_steveYou like it when someone asks your opinion right? When was the last time someone that you did business with asked your opinion?

Social media not only allows you to push your message out to consumers, it allows you a cheap and easy way to get their opinions.Fun Fact: people that have a good relationship with you are much less likely to complain publicly when there is an inevitable problem. After all, if they know they can send you an email and get something addressed, they will.

Repeat Business

Ever bust your butt to provide spectacular customer service but you never see the customer again? Social media marketing provides you a cheap outlet to encourage repeat business. It’s partly reminding customers of that good experience they had. It’s also part coming out and asking for the business.


Control and shaping the conversation

Social media exists and it’s not going away. In fact, social media is pretty much driving the internet right now.It used to be that someone would complain to a few friends or maybe the BBB and be done with it. So, your business has 10 people in say San Antonio that won’t do business with you. Now, you face the very real possibility of someone complaining publicly and getting to millions of people.

Google “United Breaks Guitars” and see just how easy it is to have a bad customer service delivery blow up in your face. Their complete mismanagement of the issue when they had the chance on social media had it going down in history as one of the greatest social media marketing fails of all time. In fact, the musician Dave Carroll has leveraged their fail into a speaking and writing career and even spoke at Columbia Business School.

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Hd8XI42i2M[/youtube]

Now you face having people all over the world disliking you.If you do nothing, you have zero control. However, if you create and use social media sites, you give a venue for good and gad comments alike and you have the ability to exercise some control.Mind you, you can’t let your inner control freak out or it can blow up in your face. That’s why I offer a class in crisis and online reputation management.

Force Multiplier

Think, Chuck Norris. Basically, each Chuck Norris is worth 10 or 20 normal men. Social media marketing is like that if you do it right.Your social media posts have the potential of not only being seen my your customers, but by the thousands and thousands of their friends as well.If you are fortunate, your YouTube marketing video goes viral and millions of people see it.good_social_media_strategyWebTegrity’s clients have seen a real multiplier when it comes to marketing dollars they spend on social media marketing. This is as true for our San Antonio clients as it is for our clients worldwide.

A Master Of One Trade Is Better Than A Jack Of All

There are a LOT of social media sites. If you are a pest control company, you don’t need to spend time on The Miniatures Page community. If you manufacture miniature toy soldiers, you absolutely should be. So you really need to focus on which sites appeal the most to your consumers.

Your Competition Is Doing It

Really. Look at your competition. Especially look at the competition that is beating you. If you look at their site, do they have social media icons? More importantly, if you follow those links, do they engage with their customers.

A lot of businesses pay lip service to social media marketing. These are companies that have already given up or are just paying lip service. An easy way to test if they are doing it right is send them a Tweet or a Facebook message with a customer service related question. A large company that is really on the ball will reply almost immediately. Standard is a couple of hours. Worst case scenario you should be responded back to within 24 hours.

Also look at the type of interaction they are doing. Is it just marketing crap or are they genuinely interacting with their customers. There is little more amazing than when a company is actively engaging their customers. Those engaged customers are customers and even fans for life.

How much are fans for life of your organization worth?


So, how do I decide? Research and lots of it. Or, you can employ a firm that has experience in social media marketing.

If you are interested in the many classes on social media marketing we offer or would like to learn more about the social media marketing services we offer, contact us today. We’re here to help.

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