We live and die on WordPress. That’s a given.

We had a long discussion here about what you actually need to develop WordPress sites. In theory, you could develop a WordPress site on a cell phone, but that would be an unwieldy project obviously. In fact, we were talking about a design contest to build a WordPress site using an iPad, but that’s another story. But it’s coming…WordCamp maybe.

Full Disclosure: I’m totally disorganized and the last person you should probably take productivity tips from. If I don’t force myself to keep orgainzed, I fall apart and end up a shapeless blob on a couch somewhere. So, here are some of the tools I use to stay productive and get the job done.


  • EvernoteEvernote – I do just about every bit of writing, including this post, in Evernote. I’ve used probably every competing piece of software but have never found anything that comes close to having all the features, including the Evernote notebooks and Post-It Note integration. Most anything that gets typed is done first in Evernote. It’s also completely platform independent and I can access my notes and files on desktop and platforms, even Windows mobile.


  •  HootSuiteHootSuite – I could not come close to handling my social media clients without HootSuite. To call me a platform evangelist doesn’t come close. If you have multiple social media accounts, you really desperately need to automate your reading and posting. Even if you aren’t doing social media marketing, the HootSuite platform frankly makes sorting through Twitter, Facebook, etc a whole lot easier.
    While HootSuite does have some drawbacks, it’s hard to do social media without it. Whether it’s for personal use or for a business use, HootSuite is amazing.


  • Evernote NotebookMoleskin Evernote Notebook – I am a note writer. I take voluminous notes on everything from client meetings to ideas. Combined with the power of Evernote, the Moleskin Evernote Notebook is an amazing buy and a constant companion for me. The handwriting OCR isn’t perfect, in fact it can’t even come close to reading my chicken scratch, being able to easily snap pages with my phone and have them go to the right notebooks in Evernote. That is awesome. Also, it dovetails nicely with my obsession with fountain pens and helps fuel the issue nicely.


  • MacBook ProMacBook Pro – I’m honestly a platform agnostic. The last OS that I really truly loved was OS/2 Warp. Yes, I’m dating myself here but I’m serious. Still, I really do love my older MacBook Pro. I have a much newer Lenovo ThinkPad but it just doesn’t come close. Sure, I could do it on a Windows or Linux box but I just love how well my Mac works. Given that my MacBook is 5 years old and is still as powerful and useful as it is, is pretty darn amazing.


  • Screen Record UtilityScreen Record Utility – Really basic but it works really well. Some stuff Camtasia just does so much better but I find myself using SRU quite a lot. Cheap, light, and powerful.


  • MozillaFirefox – Traditionally, I’ve been a Chrome fan. However, the extensions available for Firefox just make it so much easier to use and all around my favorite browser.
    I actually started using Mozilla, well the evolutionary forefather of Mozilla, NSCA Mosaic back in 1994. I still have the beta floppy around here somewhere. Wow, I remember the browser wars quite fondly.


  • PhotoshopPhotoshop CS6 – I don’t use PS a great deal but it just flat out works. I doubt I’ll ever “upgrade” to the cloud version as I’ve seen WAY to many issues with people getting locked out of it. Sure, the cloud downtimes are short term but when I need it I need it and that bugs me. I’m not a huge fan of DRM as it is and Adobe really bugs me with their heavy handed way of handling it. Mind you, I get that I’m using a shotgun to kill a mosquito but CS6 is just a really nice tool.


  • Sublime TextSublime Text – I started out with BBEdit a decade plus ago but Sublime Text just works so darn well. The built in editor of WordPress and frankly all the editors I’ve tried just don’t work as well as Sublime Text.


  • AleveAleve – Any code monkey always has some good pain killers handy. My drug of choice is Aleve. Yes, this one is somewhat a joke since I’m fully aware that taking NSAIDs long term is very much not good for you. However, if I have a headache I really like taking Aleve. Of course, they are also spectacular when it comes to muscle aches. I swear your body has a clock so that when you turn 40, stuff just automatically starts hurting.


  • Wacome TabletWacom Intuos Tablet – People either love or hate Wacom tablets. I’m in the former. I primarily use it as a giant touchpad but there are times that the pen control is a killer feature that I really love. It does occasionally freak out on me and start acting really strangely or at the very least quit working. Obviously, it’s not perfect but I couldn’t do it without it. I shopped around and payed maybe $70 for mine.


Runners Up

  • – WebTegrity builds all of our client themes from the ground up but is a useful tool since I’m always nosy about what themes people are hacking. I obviously use a storebought theme here as well as on sites I’ve built for friends. Mostly though, is fun to just figure out who’s using what.
  • Club Humidor – A San Antonio based cigar lounge chain that really de-stresses me. Half the time I go but don’t bother smoking. I can sit back and relax with a strong adult beverage, shoot the breeze with the gentlemen and ladies, and just relax. I’m writing this post there and have actually done dev work there since it’s such a relaxing lounge area.
  • BBEdit – Barebones Software is a suvivor. Every time I fire up BBEdit (admittedly, due to number 8 isn’t as often as maybe I should) I’m reminded of the heady days of Apple back when I was rocking software from Barebones, Freeverse, and Ambrosia while I was able to sing the Open Firmware song by heart. Yes, it exists and I know the lyrics. /sad