Social Media Commercial Spot

The Challenge

Webtegrity was busy launching social media services to the San Antonio market. However, people didn’t have a strong grasp of what exactly Social Media Marketing was at the time. We were also facing an uphill climb against some large industry players in the social field locally.

The Solution

We cut a commercial in the office that helped introduce people to the services. One of our main goals was to let people know that we were different in that we also offered training to teach people how to do social media properly from how to brand Facebook, Twitter, etc to why it was critically important to come up with a social media calendar. The other advantage of doing a commercial spot like this on YouTube is for SEO purposes. So many entrepreneurs today use YouTube as a teaching tool so being on YouTube was very helpful exposure wise. Another important fact is that since YouTube is owned by Google, Google trusts YouTube as a source and you get a really good “stroke” from them for SEO purposes.

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