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Project Description

The Law Offices of Matt Sossi was a true interdisciplinary challenge. Given that he is a family law attorney, he is in a hyper competitive field. The legal field, and family law especially, is filled with a large number of firms fighting for the same space. Previously, he used an old fashioned HTML site that wasn’t optimized for SEO. Consequently, he was spending a significant amount of time and money on AdWords due to the lack on organic SEO. He needed a reasonable solution that didn’t require a full time IT staff to make work. WordPress was the solution. We built Matt a custom WordPress solution that was mobile friendly, had strong calls to action, and was loaded with SEO friendly content. This is easily one of the largest and most in depth content productions I’ve ever done.

Project Details

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Deep diving into his web stats, we realized that a significant amount of traffic came from mobile. Putting ourselves in the minds of his clients, we realized that a large percentage of them were looking for legal services but were not willing to search from their office computer. Consequently, they would use their phone or iPad to search. This research let us know we needed to be mobile friendly and fully responsive. His site was designed out of the box with the idea of being mobile friendly as well as maintaining a more traditional appearance on the desktop. The most critical thing he needed was a strong call to action as soon as you hit the page. We were able to put 3 strong CTA’s above the fold and thanks to being mobile first, the phone number and address is clickable on mobile to call or visit the office.

Organic SEO

Unless an attorney has infinitely deep pockets, an AdWords first strategy will not work. Given this, we focused on providing rich relevant content for his site. Each landing page has full and relevant text that relates to his area of expertise as well as custom crafted SEO and social media friendly short descriptions. In order to help with his topic relevance on Google, we started a blog for his legal matters and established a schedule. The client received training on blogging as well as general site maintenance. Another feature of his training was the proper use of social media and how to maximize it for SEO purposes. Since the launch of the site, his site has gone from page 3 to page 1 with his keywords.

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