Ribbons N Supplies

The Challenge

Ribbons-N-More was a craft project that grew into a business. Having an incredibly large inventory that was sold usually by length and not number presented a challenge to the usual ecommerce solutions. Their previous site lacked organization and the ability to easily be updated. Tracking inventory and shipping was another huge issue given the nature of their product and that a large percentage of their clients were in Canada.

The Solution

To address usability and ease of use issues, WordPress using WooCommerce to handle the store was a no-brainer solution. WordPress and WooCommerce powers the largest share of eCommerce for a reason. The really large inventory was organized and loaded into the store using a CSV solution that was easy for the client to do themselves and saved both time and money. Inventory tracking was done internally using built in WooCommerce solutions and a custom shipping solution was designed to work in both the US and Canada.

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