Ornelas Law

The Challenge

Ask any attorney and they will tell you getting found in the truly hypercompetitive world of law websites is horrible. In order to get found, you have two ways of getting found:
  1. Pay an arm and a leg for search engine marketing (AdWords etc.)
  2. Do a significant amount of work and write a great deal of SEO friendly content for your site
As a new attorney, the client had to face the usual SEO challenges as well as getting his message conveyed to potential clients about why they should choose him.

The Solution

The greatest challenge was a significant amount of multiple community local SEO friendly content on internal pages. After narrowing the areas of practice down, the effort became a challenge to produce a large number of pages of legal content as well as the initial blog posts. Conveying the personality of the client and their legal style was a great but fun challenge. Working hand in hand with the client we produced some very rich and SEO friendly content that also allowed potential clients to get a better understanding of their rights as well as why they should choose the Ornelas firm. Design wise, the site integrated cutting edge WEBM video and significant back end work to end up with a truly gorgeous style that is both law client and search engine friendly.

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