Jitterbug Pest Control

Project Description

An equally fun and challenging website. The project was an all around digital marketing project. First, the site had to reflect the client brand. After looking at their trucks, we decided to use the colors and imagery from the trucks on the website. So what we did was deliver a whimsical website that is easy to maintain, has strong calls to action, and has a coupon section that is easy to modify so the customer didn’t require us to do it. In addition to the normal design, a significant amount of content work was done. This included writing not only content but blog posts as well. We also riffed off of the imagery on the site and created the character of Jerry T. Jitterbug and began posting to social media circles as Jerry. This gave the client a voice that is distinctive in an otherwise crowded field.

Project Details

Client Jitterbug Pest Control Skills Branding, Web Design, Social Media View Jitterbug Pest Service

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