Fuel Marketer News Rebrand

Project Description

EPIC News+Data had a serious problem. EPIC is a Price Reporting Agency that sells pricing data products to the fuels industry as well as maintains news sites dedicated to fuel wholesaler, retailer, and marketers and 8 newsletters and three print magazines that cover the same markets.They had 6 web properties with duplicate content which left them with duplicating work, being ignored by Google, and having an overall clunky look and feel. The ultimate goal was to improve SEO and readership. In order to do this, we realized that we needed to make drastic changes. After digging deep into their statistics, we needed to adopt a mobile-first strategy. All of their previous web properties and newsletters were anything but mobile friendly. We also realized a significant overlap in their news coverage with a resulting hit to their search engine rankings. The answer was a ground-up rebuild of their brand identity and marketing properties. What resulted was a redesign that had their three main mastheads of Fuel Marketer News, Fuel Retailer Magazine, and Commercial Fuel Buyer under the new banner of FuelsMarketNews. The main sites were now one mobile-responsive banner. Traffic from their newsletter and print publications now drove traffic to the consolidated site and allowed a significant increase in cross-pollination of the news feeds and an overall increase in all web metrics.

Project Details

Client Client Name Date Date of Completion Skills Branding, Web Design View elegantthemes.com

SEO / Design

The purpose of the sites is to act as a go-to source for news and information about the fuel industry. Since they are very narrowly focused parts of the fuels industry, having enough news to fill a site with unique stories and information was a challenge. So, they acted as news aggrigators and filled their sites with duplicate data. For SEO purposes, Google instantly picked up on the fact that the data is duplicated across the sites and therefore totally ignored them. Luckily each site did produce original content but not enough to really garner ranking in Google. So we did a deep dive of their branding and it was determined that the main site and name that EPIC was known for was Fuel Marketer News. So, the name FMN Market News was chosen. We then set out to do graphics and headers since that would lead our design. We chose a modern flat design with unobtrusive banner ads that was built from the ground up to be mobile friendly since 40% of the hits came from phones. We still maintained some of the hints of look and feel from the old site to more easily transition readers to our new site. Eventually, as the site grows, we will remove some of the elements of the old site to go with an even more streamlined site.

Email & Rollover

With a readership in the hundreds of thousands, transitioning from three disparate sites to the new site presented a major and potentially game ending challenge. Each of the three sites had their own individual daily and weekly newsletters. A significant portion of the site traffic came from email clicks so caution was required. The rollover was gamed numerous ways but what was decided was to start linking the new site to the stories in the lowest readership newsletter first. This would allow us to load test the new site and see how people used the site differently thanks to split testing. As expected, readers clicked more and stayed longer on the new site. All three newsletters were rolled over to the new site, the old sites were marked no-follow, the transition to the new site was a smashing success. One of the most challenging aspects of this project was the size of the existing web properties. Altogether, there were thousands of stories with numerous duplicates. Add to this, all three sites were live and were being constantly updated. Through significant planning, we worked out and executed a plan for the rollover of the sites that made sure the transition went as smoothly as one could possibly hope.

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