Peterson ADR

The Challenge

The attorney Denise Peterson is a repeat client. Previously, her site was a consumer facing website designed to drive business from consumers to her practice. She wanted “comforting, modern, Norwegian, and authoritative” as her style, and that is what was delivered. However, her business grew and changed significantly. No longer was the website what she needed. Instead of being consumer focused with content relating to areas of practice and more consumer friendly UI. With the growth. Ms. Peterson needed a very straight B2B site. It needed to provide a very different set of information and present it with a focus on speed of delivery and a no-nonsense style while still exhibiting an air of authority.

The Solution

Step one was elicitation that was a very in depth examination of what information her potential clients (having changed from non-knowledgeable consumers to experienced attorneys and judges) needed. This actually was a perfect case for use case testing. We polled a few people in the field to find out how they used sites. In testing, we found that the only things that they used were the top fold of the main page and the bio. The bio pages were the most used pages since attorneys and judges would go almost directly to those pages. Almost nobody ever used a form, the de rigeur was to forward the URL to an assistant and have them call or email the attorney. This dramatically shaped our views on the UX/UI of the site. The site focused on personality and image more than fluffy content. No-nonsense content provided with a bare minimum of flare and fluff.

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