Daniec Law Firm, PLLC

The Challenge

Kasia Daniec is a San Antonio based personal injury and commercial litigation attorney. Daniec recently went from being a corporate attorney to being an independent law practice. Being in a very competitive marketing space makes marketing with an effective website that much more important. 

The goal was a challenge to incorporate the design of her existing logo as well as a billboard campaign locally into the website. The goal was to present the image of a veteran attorney that was knowledgeable and very capable. In a sea of similar sites, the site needed to stand out. 

We also needed to establish a social media presecence with branding that was consistant across all her marketing avenues.


The Solution

The solution was to create a site that not only focused on letting the public know who Kasia Daniec is, but also why she is unique in the personal injury and commercial litigation space

There was a delicate balance between educating potential clients without being overly wordy. Being mobile friendly was also critical so the site was designed mobile first.

The site also needed room to grow. Given the time constraints, focusing on the main areas of practice was critical so that information was flushed out first and as succinctly as possible.

SEO was also a critically important concern so the site was designed to be easily grown with the addition with practice specific areas of law. 

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