BFD! – Big Film Design

The Challenge

Ease of use, focus

BFD! is indeed a BFD in the film industry. BFD focuses on the visual effects and trailers for movies. You’ve seen their amazing work probably hundreds of times, you just don’t know it. BFD wanted a site that most importantly could be maintained without the need to have a full time designer or “web guy” on staff. Focusing on their portfolio of work was also important since that is how they get new clients.

The Solution

We used the Headway framework for this project due to the way it handled columns and since the paradigm was comfortable for the client. Due to a truly incredible amount of reliance on video, the site had to be built as lean as possible and optimized like crazy. We also built a back end for uploading projects and using the hosting package like a cloud site for his projects and works in progress. We did spend a few hours training the customer to use the site. He was technically adept and wanted to know the finer details of running his site. Proudly, the site has been maintained for a few years by the client with only a modicum of post build support needed.

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