Scott, tell me about yourself and your philosophy...

Scott A Croom

Chief Cat Wrangler

You have to have a sense of humor and fun. This applies not only to design but to life as well.

  • Web Design 85% 85%
  • Email Marketing 79% 79%
  • Social Media 80% 80%
  • Project Mangement 79% 79%
  • Sarcasm & Dad Jokes 100% 100%

I Get Business

Featured in the Houston Business Journal front page for my efforts growing my business at Scottrade in Sugar Land is one of my favorite accomplishments.

In my 13 years on Wall Street, I was everything from a derivatives trader to sales trainer and branch manager. However, my efforts growing the Sugar Land Scottrade branch from a one broker and two part time intern office to the third largest in the US is my crowning glory.

Common Sense Rocket Science

I was born and raised in Pasadena Tx, the son of a NASA rocket scientist. Really. I obtained my degree from the University of Houston – Clear Lake and began my lauded efforts in the brokerage industry. I longed to make a difference in the world and left Wall Street to become a teacher. Engineering was an exciting curriculum since unlike most classes I taught children how to think, not what to think.

My kids won awards for robotics and wind turbine design among many recognitions. I did enjoy helping shape children’s lives but the level of violence in public schools was to much too take due to a couple of literal life and death close calls.

WordPress Community

As an active member of the WordPress community, I took a leadership role launching the first WordCamp San Antonio and was a featured speaker at WordCamp San Antonio 2017 giving a talk on project management.

I took my technical and marketing knowhow and dove into the world of WordPress development and marketing. Now, I can I can talk DNS and grep with the best of them but also talk about UX/UI like a Gauloises smoking art school grad. I’ve extensive first hand experience in WordPress design and development with a focus on the DIVI framework. I have also run social media campaigns for businesses using tools like HootSuite, email campaigns using Robly and Constant Contact, and extensive web hosting experience with both cPanel and custom solutions.

Personal Bits

I’m a vegan and fitness enthusiast that enjoys spending time with my wife, kids, and lifting heavy things. I became a vegan a couple years ago and have really seen how much better I personally feel. My hobbies include disc golf, cycling, powerlifting, and painting tabletop gaming miniatures.

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