My Work

Here is a small selection of my graphic design work ranging from social media to digital signage and even Fiesta Medals.


 a Featured Project

Fiesta Medal Design

Previously Davis Law Firm created pretty standard corporate Fiesta Medal Designs. Mr. Davis’ family has been in San Antonio for over 150 years so we wanted to “lean into” that and come up with a very purely San Antonio design.

What I came up with was a design that played off of the #4 loteria car “El Catrin” and changed it to “El Abogado”


Featured Project

Social Media Graphics

Social media is a very visual medium. If you don’t catch someone’s eyes quickly as they scroll, your message was lost. We stressed conveying information quickly and conciesly while still adhering to an overall brand identity and voice. 

Featured Project

Client Testimonials

We were challenged to start using Instagram stories to expand our social media postings, but we had to stay on brand and ideally have images that were usable on multiple platforms. 

What we ended up with was a this series.