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Landing Pages

Just what is a landing page?
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A landing page is a sales rep that works for you 24/7/365. Landing pages are a quick and fast way of generating business for you.

How can a landing page generate business?

This may came in the form of collecting valuable lead data such as contact info that your sales team needs. Some landing pages literally do the selling for you with a combination of graphics and ad copy saving your sales team the need to close the sale.

Landing pages are different from regular web pages in that a web page is more about informing your customer and educating them. A landing page is called that since they are usually not a part of your regular website but are a page that people “land” on when clicking on an ad or link from another site.

This is a powerful tool in that you can tailor your landing page for the crowd that will be there. What appeals to a fuel refiner may not be what appeals to a retail fuel seller. So, each product can get a marketing page that helps you tailor your message to that very specific audience which will help your bottom line.

Of course, regular web pages can include elements of what a landing page does. Think of landing pages as sales circulars that you create especially for a trade show or to send out in a targeted mailer.

This is a landing page best suited for educating the customer about your product. It’s designed to inform first, then place a call to action at the bottom of the page.

This is what some people call a “flipped” landing page. there is a strong call to action at the top of the page followed by educational information for the consumer. This is an ideal page for links following from either popups or other marketing.

The services landing page is a good example of a harder, more expensive sale. You are educating the customer with just enough information features and benefits to get them to scroll down the page to see your pricing structure.

Pro Tip: The reason you almost always see a 3 tier pricing structure is because consumers are significantly more likely to choose from 3 options. Also, their overwhelmingly most commonly chosen option is the middle one, regardless of price/features.

This design has a call to action at the top of the page with a smaller educational piece to the bottom.

This page shows how video can be a powerful marketing tool for your product and brand. This is probably the most modern design since it incorporates all the possible marketing elements as well as video.

Small Business

Pages designed to showcase your company
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Pages designed to showcase your company.

If your website isn’t current, you are losing business. Would you do business with a restaurant that you’ve never been to that hasn’t changed their decor for the last 20 years? Probably not. 2 years with a website is like 20 for a restaurant. 

Technology’s pace of change is insane. Look at the phone you have now verses what you had 5 years ago? The revolution in smart phones and tablets has forced the web to adopt brand new standards in an arms race of creativity and ability.

Technology that showcased your products just a few years ago makes them look old and ignored now. 

Your business deserves better. Your products deserve better. You deserve better.

This example of a home page incorporates most all the elements of a best practices web design for small businesses. I encourage you to view it on a cell phone or tablet, just like a customer would. 

Your home page is the sizzle on the steak that is your business. It gets the attention. Your products page is where you hit consumers with the meat of your product offering and close the sale. 

What sets your business apart from every other business out there? Chances are, it’s the people and the culture. Your about us page should serve to inform customers about why your business is unique and special.

Another page that is mobile friendly out of the box. If you have a phsycial location, the page allows consumers to easily find your business as well as all the different ways they can contact you. 

This page is similar ot the services page but uses a much more “flat” and modern appearance. This is a good example of what most designers will call “material design” since it’s built for mobile.