Twitter has evolved. What started out as a development tool quickly evolved into a medium for photographs of what people were eating. Since then, Twitter has evolved into a critical social media resource for consumers as well as businesses.


The other day, I had someone tell me that they thought Twitter was worthless and that it seemed like a useless waste of time engaging in self flattery and food pictures. Ok, I’ll give you that. However, The Pew Research Group  had a really interesting factoid about Twitter’s demographics.



Unlike most social media, Twitter really stands out in few areas. These are the 5 reasons why your business needs to be on Twitter

1) Demographics Demographics Demographics – Over 1/3 of all Twitter users earn over 50k a year. In fact, the over $75k group is the second largest income demographic. College educated users are also significantly more likely to be on Twitter than almost any other platform.

Twitter skews heavily towards men. The majority of social media is dominated by women. Twitter is one of the few platforms that men dominate on.

Also, African Americans represent around 13% of the population but they represent around 26% of the Twitterati. Salon even noticed this in an article that describes “The Black Twitter.” So, if you look at Twitter usage you’ll find numerous demographic sweet spots just like this.

2) Listening– The ability to do “social listening” is amazing on Twitter. Since Twitter offers an very open API, there are a ton of great tools you can use to manage the conversation people are having about your brand. Using free tools like HootSuite, you can easily set up Twitter search to automatically find any time anyone in the world that mentions your company or product, or you can easily narrow it down to a few block area where people are talking. This allows you to easily address any problems almost instantaneously, and customers appreciate the heck out of that.





3) Marketing– Twitter is a great way to communicate with your clients. This can be news, updates on services, coupons, flash sales, etc. People on Twitter are significantly more likely to share your Tweets than just about any other platform. I detest using the word viral but Twitter is easier for things to be shared and most importantly tracked.


4) Analytics – Given that Twitter has one of the most open APIs out there, they allow a treasure trove of data to be analyzed, frequently for free. You can break down your users by pretty much any demographic group you can name. Age, interest, location, gender, etc etc etc.


5) Your Competition Is There – Twitter provides you with a great tool to watch the interaction your competition is having (or maybe not at all having) with their customers. Again, using a tool like HootSuite, you can easily create a private feed of every tweet your competition makes or any time someone talks about their product.

A large resort in Las Vegas will send people that complain about their competition tweets that say “Don’t worry, Vegas is worth it” type tweets. Twitter is NOT about the hard sell, but for conversations. I know of a small pizza shop that any time anyone in their delivery area (using a geotargeted search) mentions the large chains or their competition, they reply back with a funny quip about how they almost had some really great pizza. They’ve used that to generate quite a bit of business since people found their irreverent sense of humor refreshing.


Even in a relatively moderate sized city like San Antonio, TX, there were pages of listings for food trucks as well as people that are fans of food trucks and even supporting companies and sites.


I really hope these helped you see why your business or organization needs to be on Twitter. Unlike some social media platforms, Twitter is here to stay and really costs you very little to start using. I’ll be doing a follow up article on the How Tos of using Twitter without annoying people.

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